design + research practice
of Simone C. Niquille.

Technoflesh! Not cyborgs, just
humans & technology. Encrypted
bodies, facial economies, networked
optics and private spaces.


— work

Sonic Chatroulette

Remix Holly Herndon's single CHORUS in real-time with strangers. In collaboration with Adam Harvey #snoopchorus

FaceValue Accessories

Facial versatility enhancing future concepts

Realface Glamouflage

Tshirts to fool face detection algo.
Celebrity look-a-likes and Facebay PowerFaces


Take a face, leave a face. Piracy 4 Privacy
Database for new face options


Hi! Bye! Collection of self-broadcast YT videos.


Garment Practice, in collab with C.Lee

→FW13 Presentation: CCTV 1, CCTV 2
Meet-up of C. + J. in NYC and S. behind a monitor in AMS, recorded via publicly accessible webcam and screen capture.

MoodNYC x s-c-n

Hat + Skateboard design for NY based MoodNYC. →Promo

— txt




The (human) face's value in a time of rapidly mutating standards and techno norms

— press

FaceValue & Realface Glamouflage — Etapes Magazine #218: Fiction & Anticipation
Interview with HH, AH, SCN — DISmagazine
Thwart facebook auto tagging — Wired
FaceValue — DISmagazine
Avoid facial detection algo — The Atlantic
Facebook fooling Tshirts — BoingBoing
FaceValue — Ofluxo
Realface Glamouflage — The Verge

2014 s-c-n